Ultrasonic Scaler

Basic use

The intended use of an ultrasonic dental scaler should reflect clinical indications and scope of action.

For example, remove dental stains and plaque on the surface of oral teeth; remove tartar and plaque from periodontal tissues.

The auxiliary functions of root canal treatment and cavity preparation are limited to the preparation of dental root canal cleaning, washing, and cavity shape.

Product name example

Ultrasonic scaler, sandblasting scaler, dusting scaler, pneumatic scaler, oral cleaner, root canal cleaner.

Structure and composition

It is mainly composed of function control circuit, fluid circuit, handle, ultrasonic transducer, action head, power supply / power adapter (if any), and foot switch (if any).

The working head used for ultrasonic scaling is called a working tip. Due to different application sites and different functions, the acting head can include working tips, root canal files, and needles.

working principle

The high-frequency oscillation signal is generated by the high-frequency oscillation circuit and acts on the ultrasonic transducer. The inverse piezoelectric effect (or magnetostrictive effect) is used to generate ultrasonic vibration. The working tip is excited to generate resonance. Remove plaque, stones or periodontal bacteria from the tooth surface.

Mechanism of action

Under the direct contact of the tip of the working point with plaque and stones, it produces a scraping or shearing effect.

Ultrasonic jets and cavitation generated in this area.

Abrasive effect of exfoliated stone particles.

The above three aspects work together to remove plaque on the tooth surface and stones or bacteria on the periodontal surface

At the same time, the flushing water sprayed from the tip cools the handle and the working tip and flushes the working surface, resulting in cooling, lubrication and flushing effects.

By removing plaque and stones on the surface of the teeth, the purpose of improving the oral environment and preventing dental caries and periodontal diseases is achieved.

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