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6PCS Nickel Plated Chest Suction Cup Bulb ECG/EKG Ball Electrode for Snap/Clip

$19.99 $13.99
Description Adult reusable ECG/EKG electrodes suction cup, Nickel, Both 4.0 and 3.0mm Features: 1. Latex free 2. Six months warranty

HEAL FORCE PC 80B Portable LCD ECG EKG Heart Monitor with Electropad ECG Cable

$149.99 $115.99
Features: -FDA approved – Easy to read – Large, color LCD display with lit background – Compact, lightweight and easy to use – can be used by patients – Provides an accurate diagnosis on par with professionals, clinics and hospitals – ECG waveform and interpretation of results are displayed clearly on dot-matrix LCD screen. – Quick 30 second single-channel ECG waveform analysis with/without electrodes – Presents results with up to 17 different types of ECG waveforms and heart rate display – Signal amplification (Gain Mode) -Up to 1200 records for quick measurement or 10-hour data records for continuous measuring can be stored in built-in memory. -Holds up to 300 x 30 second records with data lock function to prevent accidental removal -USB port to transfer externally to PC for data management (Software and cable included) -Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

HEAL FORCE PRINCE 180B Handheld Easy ECG EKG Portable Heart Monitor Software

$145.99 $100.99
Description After years of studies, Heal Force now introduce our bright new Prince 180B Portable ECG monitor with Advanced Measuring