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Diagnostic LED Light Ear Care Set Ear Clean Tools Otoscope Ear Check Tools Kit

$19.99 $13.99
Description: This otoscope set powerful functions, in addition to ordinary ears checked the functions, there are specially equipped with green eyes checked lenses (commonly known as the ophthalmoscope), as well as oral tongue depressor function can be checked. Stainless steel flashlight pen, condenser performance is quite good. This simple facial checker, hoping customers and friends to enjoy. Flashlight switch on the pen rack, press the pen rack will be bright. Powered by 2pcs AAA batteries (Not Included) Feature: Advanced optical design, avoiding the reflective, eye shot is open, the observation effect first-rate; Integration design, super light (206g), the head with a soft, comfortable, height and width of arbitrary adjustable. Equipped with + 20 d aspherics, image is clear. Adjusted, and lighting control knob lock knob can obtain comfortable viewing Angle.Color filter and lighting reflector for the built-in dust-proof, keep clear of illumination and observation performance; Three kinds of color filters: no red, cobalt blue pills, colorless.Large (Æ 60 mm), medium (Æ 40 mm), small (20 mm) Æ pupil size is suitable for different; Who teach about mirror, two road coating spectroscope, can observe clearly synchronization. Eyepiece and fixtures, let the doctor use process more convenient; Portable teach mirror, cabinet modelling, tear open outfit is convenient; Professional aspherics · 20 d, observe the quality first-class, comfortable feel; Two kinds of sclera, compressor, extremely smooth surface, avoid tissue damage Package Includes: 1 x Ophthalmoscope Otoscope stomatoscope Diagnostic Set (not included battery)

Portable 2-in-1 Ophthalmoscope & Otoscope Kit, Fiber Optic Digital Bright LED Ear Light Design & 3x Magnification

$129.99 $95.99
Description: HIGH-INTENSITY BULB AND BATTERIES: The bright LED light will help you see ear-hole clearly. Ophthalmoscope is a battery operated

Portable Led Lllumination Direct Ophthalmoscope, Medical Ophthalmoscope Diagnostic Kit

$89.99 $73.99
Description: Ophthalmoscope(hereinafter: device) is a classic medical device for ophthalmology. This device adopts a professional lens system, which makes doctors